Logan By Logan Pedersen

You’ve made the big move, and now the experience begins! This upcoming week has lots of events in store for new students and one in particular that you won’t want to miss is the CLA Connect BBQ. It’s this Thursday, September 25th from 1:00 to 3:30 PM and will be held on the grass right in front of Gilkey Hall. If you like free food and having a great time then this event is definitely for you. It’s a time for freshmen and new students in the College of Liberal Arts to meet other students that share similar interests and majors. There will be lots of free delicious food, and in the meantime if you have any questions about this upcoming year, you can ask any of the CLA student ambassadors or academic advisers who are there just for you!

When I attended this event as a freshman I really enjoyed meeting so many students my age who were going to be studying my same subjects. I found it very helpful asking students with experience about all the involvement opportunities that were currently going on inside and outside of my major. It was there at the BBQ I learned about various clubs and groups on campus within my major which I now am apart of and help lead.

All of the advisers at START will also be available to chat, answer questions, and help make your first year as enjoyable as possible. The student ambassador team will also be there if you’d like a seasoned student’s perspective or if you’d just like to talk, get to know, and make connections with those who share your similar interests. Even if you haven’t declared a major yet, there will be lots of great information and people you can talk with to explore groups you can get involved with on campus. The ambassadors and advisers will be there for you and will help make your college experience even more enjoyable by informing you of great opportunities that may fit your interests. Be sure to make it out and stop by this event because it will be a great time to make new friends, create memories, and enjoy some great free food with fun people.

Good luck finishing getting moved in and we look forward to seeing you at the BBQ!