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If you’re anything like me, this is the week you’ve got “Survivor” (s/o Yoncé) on a constant loop in your head, ready to catch those elusive A’s. Yet all you really seem motivated to do is lay in bed with your dearest friends: Netflix, Tumblr, and Pinterest. But desire does not an A make.

“But how do I avoid the entrancing snare of the Internet?!?,” you cry.

Not to worry, there’s an app for that. The appropriately titled OSX app “Self Control” allows you to block your best procrastination aids (Facebook, I’m looking at you) for as long as you need while still allowing access to the rest of the Internet. Similarly, if you’re the type to alternate between your text book and your phone every five minutes, apps like “Focus Lock” for android will help keep you off your phone.

My next tip makes use of a timeless cliché: Location, Location, Location. Move to an environment far from the allure of your bed. Romance yourself a little, take yourself on a study date. Go out to your favorite coffee spot, buy yourself a latte or some tea and start checking off that to-do list. By making an event out of studying you’re more likely to actually do the studying you promised yourself you’d do, even if your fluffy pillows and warm blankets are calling your name. The Valley Library is a wonderful resource, however, it tends to become over crowded during finals week. So avoid spending more time looking for a table than doing any actual studying. Checkout the Beth Ray Center for Student Success or choose a local business like Interzone or The Beanery.

Your next question might be “If I’m not on Insta, what will I do when I actually need to take a break?” My first suggestion would be to AVOID THE INTERNET. “Unplug” as adults call it. Do something active, take a walk, ride your bike, dance to the new Bruno Mars song. The last thing you need is a two-hour Twitter-fest to ruin all of your productivity. This time to recharge is crucial; becoming one with your couch feels good in the moment but may leave you more lethargic than before.

Lastly, take a deep breath. The end is in sight. I’ll leave you with Beyoncé’s motivational words and a picture of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, otherwise known as the Notorious RBG.

Happy Studying.



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