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If you’re a chronic procrastinator like myself, you may relate to the stress and agony which accompanies putting things off. The act of physically avoiding something on your to-do list is a very challenging task; before we commit to active procrastination, we convince ourselves (with worthy reasoning) that we can delay the task at hand until the very last minute. Collegeview.com claims that the reasons we procrastinate are easy to identify, “We might feel overwhelmed by the task, we may be perfectionists, we may get distracted easily, or perhaps we are just plain lazy.” No matter your justification, there are simple remedies for your “procrastinatory” condition.

Here are a few tips to assist in your eradication of a procrastination lifestyle:

1. Rid your environment of disturbances

a. That’s right – turn off (or silence) your cell phone, exit out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, turn off the television, and get stuff done.

2. Find a quiet space
a. Physically move yourself to an area without loud conversations and distracting behavior. At OSU, favorite study spots include the MU lounge, Valley Library, cultural centers, and coffee       shops!

3. Set time limits
a. For some procrastinators, it is helpful to divide study time into sections to provide for optimal focus. To start off, tell yourself that you will spend one hour on a subject. Once your hour is    up, take a fifteen-minute bathroom and snack break. Once your break is over, repeat!

4. Find an accountability partner
a. Many students find it helpful to pair up and be responsible for keeping each other on track. Once your study session is over, you can all take part in tip #5!

5. Reward yourself
a. Once you have finished all of your tasks for your study session, reward yourself with a treat; grab some frozen yogurt, take a nap, go for a bike ride – just make sure you celebrate a job well done!

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