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As if being a full time college student weren’t time consuming and stressful enough, for some students working is a necessary evil. For some working is a way to earn some extra spending money, text book money, or rent money. Finding the time to do it all can be overwhelming and if I’m being honest I have fallen victim to the stress. However, to make a point, I am still alive and well, eventually you find time for everything. You learn a great deal of time management and prioritizing skills.

College students don’t have it easy, juggling classes, homework, sleep, and a social life can be a tricky thing on its own and working can add a great deal of pressure but it is possible to do it all. Getting to know the resources on campus can be a wonderful asset to help you through the hard times. I am only going to talk about the three resources I use most but there are so many more around campus.
My number one favorite is the library. Sometimes all you need is to get out of your room. If the café or the first two levels of the library are a little too loud for you there are designated quite areas around the library as well as the top floor being the quite floor. The library is also open 24 hours Sunday through Thursday and until ten Friday and Saturday nights. My second favorite is coffee or tea. Sadly it’s true but for most college students caffeine is a must, not that it’s required but personally I wake up with a cup of coffee every morning. Thirdly, sometimes you have to just stop and catch your breath. Everyone needs a break and you have to allow yourself that time. These things have helped me immensely but it may not help for everyone but I would say there great places to start. The best part of being a college student is that we are all learning so many things about ourselves and eventually you will find what helps you most.
What helps me through the more stressful times is I tell myself that it eventually all gets done. It may not always seem like you have enough time in the day or weeks but somehow it all works out. You will get to that math assignment, read those two chapters in your psych book and study for your first econ midterm. Just remember that everyone deserves and needs a break every now and then.

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