Blair Bowmer  by Blair Bowmer

So you haven’t gotten involved in the multitude of opportunities on campus yet? Well I’m here to give you the kick in the pants you need to go out there and seize the day! We all get worried about trying new things, I know I definitely do. Just know that you’re not the only one who might be nervous, and you’ll definitely regret not trying anything more than you might regret trying. Here are just some of the opportunities we offer here at OSU to get you started!

• Clubs! You can participate in a realistic court case, play ping pong, dance your heart out, and connect over various cultures and issues. Don’t see one you like? Make your own! Check out our list of existing clubs and organizations here:

• Recreational/Intramural Sports! If sports are your thing but you don’t want too much commitment, try Rec Sports! It’s a fun and easy way to engage in things like Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, and more. Check out the Rec Sports page here:

• Events! OSU is so easy to get involved in because they put events on ALL THE TIME! There are 5k’s and Fun Runs, barbecues, group hikes, dances, tons of random stuff! You don’t even have to travel farther than your dorm! RA’s are always putting on events for their dorms and are in the know about campus events. Just talk to them!

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