By Morgan Willer, Katy Krieger, Kate Virden and Alison Blazer

This school year is already flying by! It’s 2014 and a whole new group of seniors are looking forward to, or dreading (however you see it), graduation. We may all be in denial that our time has come to move on to the real world, but the senior ambassadors figured there was no better time than dreary winter term to start checking things off the Oregon State bucket list! Here we’ve compiled our list of things we’ve never done, or want to make sure you all get to experience, before reality calls to wake you up.

MorganMorgan: My time at Oregon State has gone by so fast, and there are still a few things left I want to do! A huge part of being a beaver is going to athletic events. It’s the perfect place to feel what it means to be “Powered by Orange”! Basketball is awesome, but you should also check-out other sporting events like gymnastics, wrestling, and swimming. You’re guaranteed to have fun when you’re out supporting your school.Spending more time on campus is something really basic, but something that you can’t do forever. Take your friends, possibly those from freshmen year, and have a cup of coffee while reminiscing. You won’t get to wander the beautiful OSU campus for much longer so it’s best to take advantage now! Check out Career Services before you graduate and are left wondering what to do. They can be helpful and you probably won’t get such great advice once you leave. Finally, it’s never too late to get involved. Join a club or be a tutor. You’ve been here a long time and you have advice to spread around. It’s never too late to make connections!


KatyKaty: As I get ready to graduate I have realized everything that I have done at OSU and everything that is still left to do! I absolutely recommend going to as many local restaurants as possible. Happy hour at places like Block 15, McMenamins, and Flat Tail Brewing is a great way to try the food and drink. Take a trip to Newport, Lincoln City or Cannon Beach; although these may be cliché places to visit, the shops, beach scenery, and quaint bakeries are enough to make you go back multiple times. Newport also holds a murder mystery party that everyone can take part in that proves for a day of laughs and sleuthing! For those of you over 21, I also suggest going wine, beer, and cider tasting all around the valley. Most tastings are under $15 and you get some wonderful samples of what Oregon has to offer. In addition, add a trip to the Whiteside Theater to your list, catch a movie at the Darkside Cinema, walk around the farmer’s market, hike around Bald Hill (not alone), and get tickets to a Eugene Ballet Company show like The Nutcracker when they perform in Corvallis.


KateKate:Oregon State University has been an amazing place to call home for the past few years, and with graduation on the very near horizon, it is important to experience the last few bits of charm the university and Corvallis have to offer.  I want to take more advantage of Dixon Rec Center and the fitness classes that get heart rates going.  Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offer an amazing opportunity called the Mind Spa, and the purpose is to soothe the mind, body, and spirit through massaging chairs, meditation, and relaxing scenery.  It’s the perfect place to unwind once the term picks up, and I have yet to experience it!  Also, I have been dying to attend an OSU fashion show before I graduate and experience the creativity of student designers.  As for Corvallis, there are innumerable ways to get involved with the quaint community.  There are hiking trails on Mary’s Peak and Bald Hill for you adventurous folk with views of Oregon that stretch as far as the eye can see.  Downtown Corvallis is home to quaint little shops full of homemade handicrafts and the friendliest store owners, and if you haven’t had the chance to walk around on a weekend afternoon with a friend or two, I definitely recommend it.  Whether you are graduating this spring or in two years, remember that undergrad only happens once, so make the best and most of it!


AlisonAlison: I am still in shock (also appropriately referred to as denial) about the fact that I’m going to be graduating from the Beaver Nation this coming June. While the past three years have been a roller coaster of amazing memories and worthwhile learning experiences, I feel as though I can’t possibly accomplish all that I want to in my last 6 months in Corvallis. When it comes to campus, I will admit I have still have yet to play a game of bowling at the MU Bowling Alley, eat a calzini from Bing’s Cafe or attend a myriad of cultural events hosted by student groups or the cultural centers. While I’ve participated in a lot of workout classes on campus (through either Fit Classes at Dixon Recreation or PAC classes), I still haven’t even SEEN the bowling alley that’s on our very own campus. Also, generally speaking, I’m a foodie. I appreciate delicious food, enjoy cooking, and love trying new places. I’ve heard for years now that the calizinis (a large semi-circle of dough stuffed with cheese, meat, veggies etc. and baked to perfection) at Bing’s are incredible. Maybe I should go for a game at MU Billiards and head over to Bing’s for a snack sometime soon! Cultural events, I’m happy to say, are incredibly well attended at Oregon State. There’s typically great food (there I go with the food again!), cultural performances (i.e. dancing, speakers), and interesting people to get to know! I’ve been to quite a few of these events over the years, but am determined to fit as many in as possible over the next 6 months. My final recommendation is for you all to get involved in Corvallis outside of just the campus setting. I have loved each and every one of my trips the Corvallis Farmer’s Market and have even volunteered at several city events– both are fantastic ways to get a feel for the community that we all call home and meet some true Corvallians!

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