By Katy Krieger

Have a few spare hours each week? Want to get involved on the OSU campus? Trying to find a group of friends that enjoy what you do?


Well, you’re in luck my friends because here is some advice about how to branch out into extra-curricular activities and meet some new people! Check out the OSU Student Leadership and Involvement website here: http://oregonstate.edu/sli/

Try two things you’ve never done before but are interested in. This is some of the best advice I’ve received here and it presents you with a challenge to take on. Maybe it’s the theatre arts or perhaps intramural soccer, whatever it may be, go join.


Keep in mind that if you want to get involved, let’s say in the Glee club, and music is not your major that is 100% OKAY. You do not have to be majoring in anything in particular to become involved with programs on campus because here at OSU we strive to be inclusive of everyone.

studesGo for the academic: Perhaps you do want to find those other psych lovers running around campus. Finding a group relating to your academic interests can be a great way to learn more about the area AND find friends who like the same things you do.

If you’re up for an even bigger academic challenge, try getting in on some research in an area you have a passion for. All of the professors on campus do research, so check out their websites, go talk to them during office hours, and see if you can make connections and start on the research path. A lot of times there will even be grant money available for those getting into research so make sure you look into that once you’ve been taken on to do research. Oh, and need I remind all of you that not all research has chemicals and lab coats- trust me, research in CLA is a blast!


Go check out some of the resource centers and cultural centers on campus. You don’t have to be of that culture to partake in events and most of the groups hold weekly events like movie screenings or guest lectures.

If this isn’t enough to get you off the couch and back onto campus getting involved, here is one more suggestion, get 5 of your best peeps and go make a club (maybe a Project Runway club or perhaps a Trivial Pursuit club?)! This is not only a great way to hang out with others and bond, but you can also put it on your resume as being an official OSU club starter.

Good luck and GO GET INVOLVED beavs!



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