KatyBy Katy Krieger

Well, it’s the beginning of week three and you’re probably already gearing up for midterm exams. So, how do you get through fall term with great grades and your sanity in tact?!

Always do the reading- trust me it will get you ahead in the long run and you’ll be ready for quizzes, midterms, and even dessertsfinals! Don’t just read either; take the time to write notes and make connections in your mind so that you remember what you’ve read.

Try to work ahead. I know this sounds insane and it’s hard just keeping up with your regular college schedule, but, if you can attempt to knock out two readings instead of one and start writing that paper BEFORE the day it’s due, you will feel prepared and ready to go each week. I usually go back through the syllabus for a class and see if there are smaller assignments I can complete ahead of time so that when the big things come up (like papers and projects) I have more time to work on them and I don’t feel as rushed.

Go over your notes after you get done with class. Reading what you have just written down will help you commit the information to memory. Use the time in between classes or take your notes onto the elliptical.

coffeeFind a good study space that fits your needs. Is it Starbucks downtown, or the Valley library on the third floor, or maybe even out in the MU quad? Whatever it is make sure you have water, food nearby, a place to charge your laptop, room to spread out your papers, and a bathroom.

Take advantage of OSU offered programs like tutors, study tables, the Writing Center, CAPS, and advisors. These resources are typically free (costs will be told to you upfront) and can give you great insight into better study skills, improved writing, and keeping up on your mental and physical health.

One of the best things I can advise you all to do: take a break and indulge in something you really enjoy. Sometimes the best work comes from being refreshed and having a new set of eyes on a paper can help you catch mistakes. Go to the beach, take a shopping trip to Woodburn, find a new restaurant in Corvallis and invite some friends to join you; whatever it is, take the time to do it and relax away from school!

Good luck with week three everyone and make sure you do something fun this week!

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