By David Nauss

Fall is on of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves change colors, salted caramel mochas are in, you get to reconnect with friends, but most importantly its FOOTBALL SEASON!! Football at Oregon State is a great time. So here is a guide on why you should go to football games (even if you don’t like football), how to get tickets to games, and how to get the best seats at the game.

First why to go to football games? Football games are one of the few times where you get to see all of Beaver Nation in all its glory. Reser stadium gets packed with 43,000 Beavers cheering and chanting for OSU. It is one of the few times when Oregon State feels like a small school. You are surrounded by, many times, complete strangers but you are all cheering at the same time, singing the same songs, and yelling at the same officials for bad calls. This is especially true in the student section. The students have the best seats in the stadium and are, naturally, the most enthusiastic. The event of a live Oregon State game sitting in the student section is something that can only be experienced and can only be experienced during the four short years of college.

Now that I have sold you on going to the game, here is how to get tickets and how to get the best seats to the games. Tickets go on sale for students the Monday before the game. That means that the tickets for the next game versus Stanford will go on sale on October 21st. Usually tickets go fast so to ensure you get a ticket go on Monday. Many people camp out Sunday night to be the first in line when the office opens on Monday morning at 7 am. They do this to get the best sections of the student seating. Camping out is not necessary though; you can go to the ticket office in the morning of Monday and still get a ticket (usually), it just won’t be in the best sections.  You only need to bring your student id to the ticket office at the south side of the stadium. Tickets are free for students. Your ticket will have a section and seat number.

On game day you need to bring your student id and ticket to the game. Your ticket will be scanned when entering into Reser Stadium, then if you are in sections 114-118 your student id and ticket will be checked again as you enter the section. Once you are in your section people sit wherever they want. People do not follow the seat number they are given. This means if you want to be in the first row you must get to the stadium early. Also, make sure that you wear as much orange as you own to truly fit in to the student section.

That is everything you need to know about football games at OSU. Hope to see you there at homecoming versus Stanford. GO BEAVS!

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