By Angel Martinez

Hey ladies and gents. We’re in the middle of week 8, Thanksgiving is around the corner, soon to be followed by our first round of finals for the academic year. Whew! (Insert minor panic attack here). Regardless of how many credits you’re taking this term, or what classes you’re in, I’m sure we’re all going to be hit with some stressful moments prepping for the finals. Here are some tips that I’ve found helpful in my several years of experience at OSU for how I was able to study for my finals.

First, prioritize your studying. When you’re juggling several different finals, it’s important to know how to utilize your time in order to be ready for every final. I would recommend that if you’re not having trouble with any particular class then study for your finals in the order that you will be taking them in week 11. It wouldn’t make much sense to study all day on a Sunday, for a final that you have on Friday, if you have a different final on Monday.

Second, if possible try to find a study group or a study partner. The old saying goes “two heads are better than one”, and when you’re trying to ‘re-learn’ 10weeks of information this couldn’t be more accurate. It’s easier to remember more concepts and details from class when you have two people who may understand and remember different things. You can work together and teach each other what the other may have forgotten or not understood.

Third, if it is offered by your professor utilize the study guide. When using a study guide for your final make sure to remember that it is meant to be a tool, not an answer sheet. It’s a called a study guide for a reason. Make sure you review more than what is on the study guide, but prioritize the guide first.

Fourth, utilize campus resources to learn how to study for your finals. Going to the academic success center in Waldo 102 is really helpful for a number of different plans and strategies. Also, one of our Liberal Arts advisors, Kerry Thomas is offering a finals prep workshop on November 26th at 5:30pm, in Gilkey 100. She will cover test anxiety, time management, study and test taking tips as well as help you make a study plan for each class.

Finally, take care of yourself. If you’re getting overly stressed out go to CAPS on the 6th floor of Snell to de-stress. Make sure that you get enough sleep. There’s no point in staying up to the wee hours of the morning and not be energized and fully focused while taking your final. Also eat well. Make sure you have a good breakfast to get the brain churning.

Finals can get rough, but if you’ve been going to class, doing the assignments, and participating in class, then chances are, with some good studying, you’re going to do just fine on your finals.

Good Luck!

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