By Katy Krieger

It’s the beginning of week 2 and there are a lot of things to get done! But where do you go and who are you supposed to see?

Professors: If you are in need of a specific professor for one of your Fall term classes utilize their office hours and go see them. Adding a class during week 2 is possible but make sure to discuss with the professor of the course about your options for getting in (various courses do things differently). Professors will list their office location and hours on your syllabus or you can find their information by searching the OSU website.

Advisors:  Maybe you are unsure about your major, interested in a minor, want to talk about future terms, or just want to find a direction in this big OSU world. Go to either your major advisor or to a CLA advisor! These wonderful people are at work each and every day to find answers to such questions and would love to see you in an appointment. Don’t know your advisor? Go here to the CLA advising page!

CAPS: Feeling a little stressed? Need  someone to talk to? CAPS offers a variety of services including the Mind Spa and Counseling sessions. Go to Snell 500 or visit their website.

Student Health: Starting the term off with a cold or just need some advice on healthy eating? Students Health Services provides an array of resources that students have access to. There are flu shot clinics, dietitians, nurses, doctors, annual exams, and a pharmacy to name just a few of the services you can find at SHS!

Paying Tuition: Yes it’s that time again, tuition bills are going to be arriving! You can pay online or go to Kerr 100 and visit windows 13-16 to pay in person.  Make sure to pay so that you can register for Winter term classes without any problems.

Football Tickets: Can’t wait for the next Beaver game? Go to the Southwest ticket booth at Reser Stadium (Gate H) from 9:00AM to 5:00PM! You can get tickets all week but get there early because they go quickly. Reminder: Bring your OSU ID and a sweater or rain jacket if you plan on waiting in line

Working Out: Want to get back into shape? Looking to relieve some stress? Hit up Dixon Rec for some classes, cardio equipment, weights, or pick up sports! McAlexander Field House (by Kerr Administration) is another great option as well as Legacy Park (across from Dixon and Gill Coliseum).

I know there are a million other places to go at OSU, so, when in doubt, check the OSU website for information! Have a great second week and be sure to join CLA on Facebook so you can keep up on all of the current OSU news!


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