By Morgan Willer

College is about choosing your own path, finding your passion, and opening your mind to new opportunities and ideas. Coming to college I’m sure you have expectations about the friends you will make, the classes you will take, and all the opportunities available to you. I would like to open your mind to one opportunity that you may or may not have considered, going Greek.

Just by choosing to go through the recruitment process you will meet ambitious ladies or gentlemen who are already established on campus. Joining a house means a lot more than a few letters on a sweatshirt. It means having a focus on academics and wanting to succeed at OSU and in the future. It means participating in community service and wanting to help your community be successful. It means that you are social, love to meet new people, and you respect the diversity of others. It means coming together as a community when times get tough and knowing that everyone will work together. But most importantly it means you have a support system, not just for four years in college, but for a lifetime.  There will always be someone there to help you, to motivate you, and to laugh with you.

Going Greek will help you become the best version of yourself, and as students, I think that’s what we strive for when we enter college. As a fellow OSU student, and a member of Greek Life, I encourage you to try out the recruitment process. I promise you that it will only enhance your college experience and enhance your life. For more information visit the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life.

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