By Alison Blazer

Welcome back to campus Liberal Arts students! Winter term is upon us and it’s a new and exciting time to get involved on campus! After having survived those first few months of college, it’s common for students to explore new outlets for their free time. Getting involved gives students new ways to express their creativity or fine tune the skills they already possess, while also eliminating some of that pesky free time spent sitting in the residence halls, so get up and get going because Oregon State is full of opportunities!

I’m sure many of you that are eager to get involved and more acclimated to campus, but you just don’t know how- I’m here to help. One major benefit of attending a large public university such as Oregon State is that there is a niche for everyone. My freshman year, I decided to delve into extracurricular activities first thing winter term. What was I interested in? Where did I want to help out on campus? Like many new students on campus, I was lost and turned to exploring the OSU website in hopes that something would catch my eye.  Two weeks later, I was a weekly columnist for The Daily Barometer, having never written for a school paper before and was simultaneously going through the interview process to become an INTO OSU Conversant. Through these programs I met other students, improved my writing and interpersonal skills and got to know faculty members. Getting involved on campus is like a game of dominoes, once you take the first step and get involved with a program (even if it doesn’t end up being the one for you) your experiences and the people you meet lead you directly to other opportunities on campus and before you know it, you’ll be as busy as your Liberal Arts Ambassadors!

On campus, there are countless cultural and resource centers, clubs, student run organizations etc. that are always looking for new members. For those of you interested in community service, the Center for Civic Engagement on campus is always welcoming volunteers. The Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) is our student government, so if you’re someone who wants to make a change on campus, or get involved with politics on a small scale, ASOSU is an excellent option. The Memorial Union Programs Council (MUPC) handles campus wide events such as Snow in the Quad and Dad’s Weekend– so for all you event coordinators out there, a visit to the Memorial Union would be a good first step to take this Winter. These are just a few of the numerous options for involvement at OSU, the rest of which can be found on the OSU website under the section entitled “Get Involved”. If you’re worried about picking the right program, worried about something being too hard or too time consuming- stop worrying and get out there! Joining a cause on campus doesn’t have to be permanent- if it’s not the right fit for you then so be it, but taking a chance on involvement could change the course of your college experience here at OSU. Student involvement may shed light on interests you didn’t even know you had so take advantage of all OSU has to offer and fill your time with some activities that broaden your horizons and expand your resume this winter!


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