Hi! My name is Richard Le and I want to share who I am and my goals in tech. I am a 26 year old Computer Science student in my last quarter at OSU. I am huge on gaming and volleyball, they are my lifelong hobbies that I see myself doing till the day I die. My gaming side is why I’ve always had an interest in the latest technology. I love hearing about the newest GPUs, CPUs, video games, esports, etc. I spend most of my day at the computer. I use it to work, study, have fun, and talk to my friends. I love being at the computer, its what connects me to the world.

My goal is to have a career as a software engineer. I started the program at OSU about 2 years ago now and it has been a slow grind. I am excited to start my job search and gain some real developer experience. I’ve seen the news and discussions on reddit about the job market and its honestly scary, but I’m still hopeful. I want to dedicate this next year to working hard at improving my skills and showing that I am hirable. If anyone has advice please reach out, it would be greatly appreciated!