Liberal Arts 2017 funding summary

Prior to my appointment at the beginning of fiscal year 2015, CLA didn’t have a research program manager.  Faculty were on their own when it came to submitting grants.

For my first project, I studied the funding history of CLA and looked at eleven years of data, all the data available to me, from 2004 to 2014.  Over those eleven years, the college averaged 8.7 funded projects per year.  The report can be viewed here.  Slide four shows a table of the data, and slide seven summarizes and averages the data.

What’s the deal?

I am happy to report that for 2017, a whopping 30 projects were funded. That’s a 245% increase! Wow!

I am looking forward to the future and the opportunities for funding for CLA faculty, to whom I say, “Come see me!  I am here to help you succeed.”

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