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  • Week 10 – Blog: Individual Assignment

    Because of my political ideology, I am very pro-union, and I almost certainly will join one when given the opportunity. From a societal standpoint, I believe that unions are extremely important. I believe in flattening out hierarchies and giving power/compensation to those that create value for society. This is almost always the workers in unions […]

  • Week 9 – Blog Assignment/Discussion

    I scored 89 points on the first test. I think that this score is low because I do not have many responsibilities at this point in my life. I have financial assistance from my parents to cover the costs of college, and I have food and shelter provided for me. The reason why I scored […]

  • Week 8 – Blog Assignment/Discussion

    A major example of a time that someone I am close to was motivated by incentives was when my roommate chose to run for vice president of our fraternity. I wanted him to step into the role, but he had a lot of reservations about the time commitment. His grandparents were helping him cover his […]

  • Week 6 – Blog: Individual Assignment

    I will discuss two trainings in the area of data analytics. The training that I found to be very effective were the two Power BI trainings that I took while interning at P3 Adaptive. The training that I found to be less effective was the hybrid class BA 375 that I took last year. The […]

  • Week 5 – Blog Assignment/Discussion

    For this assignment, I can only reflect on interviews that I have done for my past two internships. These interviews were unstructured and were more focused on what I knew so that the company knew how to structure the internship so that I gained the most out of it. The unstructured nature of the interviews […]

  • Week 4 – Blog Assignment/Discussion

    Some major challenges with job descriptions are that they need frequent updating and are often times outdated. It is common that whoever took over in the HR department inherited some out of date and poor-quality job descriptions for different spots around the company, and it is important to address this. For starters, I think that […]

  • Week 1 – Blog Assignment/Discussion

    The three companies that I selected from the list were Hilton, American Express, and The Cheesecake Factory Inc. I wanted to select three companies that have very different culture from my perspective, and also occupy different space in different industries. While I did not go too far in depth to researching these companies’ HR practices, […]

  • Week 10 – Blog Post: Most Important Thing You’ve Learned

    In my opinion, the most important thing that I’ve learned in this course is not one week’s specific topic, but rather the “A” method as a whole. I really enjoyed the required readings each week because I was intrigued by the concept of the A method, how to apply it, and how it benefits organizations […]

  • Week 9 – Blog Post: Self-Reflection

    1. What am I good at? I am a natural leader, because I possess good public speaking and interpersonal skills. I am able to relate to others very well, and because of this, I can motivate others to work towards a common goal. I am also a very analytical thinker who can recognize the underlying […]

  • Week 7 – Blog Post: IPIP Results & Reactions

    The results of this test showed that I was high in all dimensions of personality besides neuroticism. The two areas where I scored the highest were conscientiousness and openness to experience. These results show that I am a well-rounded individual who is organized, extraverted, and likes to think and discuss complex topics. I believe that […]

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