How It All Started

I’m going to date myself a little here, but my first computer was a TI-32. It had cartridges for games like Q-Bert and Frogger and such, but the one that really captured my imagination was Basic. I was so young, I couldn’t do much more than print a string in a loop, but I remember… Continue reading How It All Started

Getting Started

Today was our first team meeting with Jorian, the master’s student who is working on the hardware aspect of this project. He walked us through the entire history of the project, current status of the platform, and how we can get started on organizing ourselves around the software development tasks, really interesting stuff! We talked… Continue reading Getting Started

An Introduction

Hey everybody, welcome to my OSU Capstone Blog! This is intended to be a chronicle of my journey through a not-yet-chosen project, along with a few other random thoughts that occur to me during the process. Hopefully you find it enlightening, or at the very least, entertaining! I graduated from college over 20 years ago… Continue reading An Introduction