Week 10 Blog

Pros of Labor Unions Labor unions have a long history of greatly improving workers’ lives and workplaces. Workers in unions usually have higher wages, more benefits, better working conditions, and job security (Maryville University 2021). In the past workers had to work in unsafe and unreasonable conditions; but with workers going on strikes and then… Continue reading Week 10 Blog

Week 9 Blog

When taking these tests, your mindset can greatly affect your answers and the outcome of the test. If you have a bad day you might answer the questions more negatively than if you had had calm and relaxing day. For the Stress Inventory test I scored about 180 points. On the other two tests, I… Continue reading Week 9 Blog

Week 8 Blog

One of my new coworkers recently moved up to our project office in Portland from California. There he was a 1st year estimator in our corporate office. For newer employees, my company wants them to experience as many positions as they can to find the right fit. My coworker was given two options after his… Continue reading Week 8 Blog

Week 6 Blog

In the last two years I’ve been in 3 different workplaces, all of which required a few different safety trainings. I went from working in a dining hall at OSU, to a construction internship in Seattle, and now to a full time position as a field engineer. One of the best training experiences I had… Continue reading Week 6 Blog

Week 5 Blog Post

I have been through a fair amount of interviews since I was in high school for various positions. I would say that the overwhelming majority of the ones that I experienced were highly structured and followed set interview questions. For an internship that I had before job that I have now, it was one of… Continue reading Week 5 Blog Post

Week 4 Blog Post

Job Descriptions In my personal experience, I have seen a fair share of job descriptions. I have opportunities to apply for jobs since I was 16 years old. The way a job description is written can provide a lot of information to applicants about the company, the work environment, and expectations. I have simply not… Continue reading Week 4 Blog Post


A good experience In high school I had an internship at a cell protein lab where I had to take extensive trainings on lab safety. This company spent a lot of time creating a well thought out program for new hires of all levels and included reoccurring trainings. And after each group of required trainings,… Continue reading Training