The only app I can’t live without

Okay so already I’m hitting you with hyperbole. To be fair, I love music so I can’t picture removing Spotify from my phone. I also enjoy staying connected with friends and during a pandemic texting is a really viable option – so that app is here to stay. What I will say is that one app changed the way I prioritize, the way I focus, and really changed how I live day-to-day. I’ll start with some background, first.

Does a never-ending to do list resonate with you? When I say my mind wanders a million miles a minute the second I try to fall asleep, could you feel my pain? Have you ever tried to organize one area of life, like work, when suddenly everything else slips through the cracks? If you feel even a fraction of this pain, you’ve probably tried several methods of organization. This was me for about a decade. I went from paper planner, to calendar, to Apple reminders, to a combination of all 3, then I downloaded Evernote because a podcast told me to. The problem with all of these is that my work, personal, and school life would never mesh. All of my commitments were being managed in different places. You might say, I was juggling fire.

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The solution is simple. I should only have one to do list because at the end of the day, there is only one me. Until cloning becomes an option I, Kayla Hunter, live in one time space continuum and can therefore only do one thing at a time. Which by the way, I’ll leave “multi-tasking” and what a horrible fictional concept that is to another post. Anyways, what finally did the trick? Allow me to introduce you to ToDoist. A simple tasking app that can be used on mobile, browser, or downloaded as a desktop application. It is literally anywhere you need it to be.

What makes it so special?

A fair question. There are so many task manager apps on the market, why is this one any different? There are a few things that really stand out to me.

  1. Shorthand due dates

Most apps require you to fiddle around with a calendar. Nobody has time for that! I want an app that works the way I think. With ToDoist adding recurring tasks, due dates, or pushing something to tomorrow is so easy (though maybe not advised for the latter).

With one sentence, I’ll never forget to submit important school assignments. Much better than scheduling 8 individual tasks in my opinion.

2. Organization

So we’ve talked about how difficult it is to keep all aspects of your life organized. You might have noticed in the gif above that I wrote #capstone. That’s because I have a project for everything – work, school, wedding, and personal stuff. Within projects I can even have sections. The possibilities for categorization are limitless! Here’s my folder structure, and how I used subcategories to manage a cross-state move.

I’m showing completed tasks here only to get my point across. By default, these go away once you’re finished because visual clutter = mental clutter

So listen, I don’t work for ToDoist and I don’t expect you to drink the Kool Aid with me. Finding a method that works for you is a deeply personal journey. That said, if you’re felt my pain and are looking for a solution, go download it! It’s free to try.

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