Finding the Groove

One of the greatest joys in life is finding your groove and driving toward a goal. On the other hand, one of the most frustrating aspects of life can be attempting to accomplish a goal while working outside your wheel-house. It can feel aimless, reaching for tools you don’t know exist (or even how to… Continue reading Finding the Groove

The Lonely Positive Review

There are a couple things you learn when you kick off your OSU Post-Baccalaureate CS journey: CS325 is difficult and the vast majority of reviews portray the program in a negative light. As expected, the aim of these reviews range from a specific course/instructor to peppering the entire program with bird-shot. The Good Immediately after… Continue reading The Lonely Positive Review

New Technology and Old Enemies

This Saturday will bookend the first three weeks of CS467 and all the new learning that comes along with it. I’ve always enjoyed exploring new technologies. Specifically, I find myself drawn to drawn to languages like C and MASM. On the other hand, I’ve always met styling languages (CSS, specifically) with a combative stance. I… Continue reading New Technology and Old Enemies

CS Career Transition

At age 30, it is not fair to expect the journey through career transition to be absent of barriers and pot-holes. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of misinterpreting the lack of early obstacles as a good indicator of future smooth sailing. Now, nearly two years after beginning my first quarter in the OSU Post-Bacc CS… Continue reading CS Career Transition