Animals react differently under stress. Often times, there is a greater susceptibility to disease. Some lose their appetites, while a regular feeding schedule can also help limit the effects of stress. Humans are no different. People are known to be tired or irritable when their schedules are interrupted. If places on a changing environment for… Continue reading Adaptability

Meeting About Meetings

Searching “cartoon meetings” on the internet reflects the general sentiment: meaningless, unproductive, unnecessary. From my own experience, this reflects how poorly meetings are run. This provided the underpinnings of a sales training I partook in for a previous role. It underlined how managing expectations and communicating the goal of each meeting in a continuous way… Continue reading Meeting About Meetings

Modern Hubris

In an attempt to flee their imprisonment on island of Crete, the mythical Greek figure Daedalus builds wings for himself and his son, Icarus, out of feathers and wax. He warns Icarus of the potentially dangers of flying: the wax would melt if flown too close to the sun, and the feathers would fail if… Continue reading Modern Hubris

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