We’re finishing construction on the Information Services suite in Kerr Administration Building’s basement. Future occupants are Institutional Analytics and Reporting and Office of Information Security. Groups will be able to move in shortly after. There will be an additional conference room scheduled by Information Services and accessible by all in building that will be located just off the main corridor.

Recently completed moves include:

2nd floor Suite 211—Enrollment Management and International Affairs are now occupying the suite.

5th floor Suite 500 now is occupied by personnel from Undergraduate Education, Faculty Affairs and Government Relations.

The Office of Institutional Diversity has moved into Kerr 510.

Office of Government Relations has moved into the 500 suite.

Upcoming moves

Information Services (located in Kerr 300—former Graduate School suite)  will be moving to the Kerr basement. Construction documents are being completed. The contractor will be selected in March and construction is now delayed until May-June.

Suite 211 will be the future home for Office of Undergraduate Education and Enrollment Management.

The Career Development Center has left the Kerr Basement and now the whole team is together on first floor.

In late December, new lobby furniture for 6th floor of Kerr will be installed, replacing tired and worn furniture which has been there for years. In addition, Government Relations furniture is being installed in 500 suite.

Furniture for the Office of Institutional Diversity will be installed in Kerr 510 the week of December 24-28 and they will move into Kerr 510 the week of December 31-January 4.

Additionally, a small meeting room for Finance and Administration is being created in the Kerr 204 suite.

The Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning has moved from the 5th floor (510 suite) to the 2nd floor  (204 suite). Additional occupants in the 211 suite include other members of Finance and Administration. This suite was formerly occupied by Human Resources (now in B236).

The Career Development Center has completed moving out of the basement. They are now located in the two suites on the first floor of the tower, on the north side of the building.