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  • Blog Post 3

    SWOT Analysis Strengths: This course has many strengths! I think a big one is being able to choose a project that suits you. For example, I am involved in dog rescue, and I chose a project that involves animal rescue and adoption. I also appreciate the freedom and creativity this course allows. At least for…

  • React in my project

    Hi everyone, For my capstone project, I am working on a team to develop a ‘dating app’ for shelter animals. The premise is that shelters and rescue groups will make an account where they will make ‘dating profiles’ for animals available for adoption. Then, potential adopters will make an account and they will be able…

  • Kelly’s Blog Post – #1

    I am a post-bacc student at Oregon State. My first degree was a dual-degree in biology and psychology at the University of Arkansas. I graduated during the pandemic, and I realized I had a passion for technology and found this program. Interestingly, I am originally from the Corvallis area, and both of my parents graduated…

  • Hello world!

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