Week 3 (Optron Mini)

This week, I received my optron mini and got a chance to start using it. To begin, the presentation was fairly professional for what it was. The optron logo was taped on the carboard box, and that was the only marking on the outside. Upon opening the box, the optron was held by either side… Continue reading Week 3 (Optron Mini)

Week 3 (Research on Shawn Rowe)

Shawn Rowe is a Oregon State University staff member that does various work and research for the university. He works with museums primarily, as well as is affiliated with the sea grant. He works with graduate students in the free-choice learning and environmental science/marine resource management programs. His educational credentials are as follows: PhD, Washington… Continue reading Week 3 (Research on Shawn Rowe)

Week 3 (Seminar by Shawn Rowe)

taking things out of context in the science world contributes to increased struggle to understand people, places, and objects help create meaning of what they are learning by creating greater context. Zoom problem: super decontextualized maybe if we are just better at presenting, it will help? Part of presenting is the connection to the audience… Continue reading Week 3 (Seminar by Shawn Rowe)

Week 2 Report

Create a Linkedin profile One of the things I did this week was create a Linkedin profile. Linkedin is a sort of social media platform with a professional focus on it. I had not really looked into the platform before creating a profile, but it seems like a very useful tool in today’s age, for… Continue reading Week 2 Report

Week one research

Task 1: Google DroneSinger: First result: Victor Villegas Youtube channel with Drone Singer videos Had live music performances and music videos for various songs all related to aerial drones Youtube channel of 137 subscribers Second result: Network world article “Meet the Tech Dude Who Doubles as the Weird Al of Drone Songs” by Bob Brown… Continue reading Week one research

About me

Hello! My name is Kelly Kiel, and I am from Kent, Washington. I am a first year student here at Oregon State University. My major is mechanical engineering, and I would like to work as an engineer as my career path. I am also very interested in music, and would like to have a music… Continue reading About me