Database Microservice

Earlier I wrote a blog post about the general concept of microservices vs a monolithic structure for projects. In this post I’m going to go into more detail about the specific microservice I will be developing for our project that encompasses the database interactions. This microservice will be responsible for taking in incoming requests from… Continue reading Database Microservice

Project Progress

We’re approaching the midway point for our project and the Project Archive – Midpoint assignment is coming up in about a week. So for this post I thought I would get some of my thoughts down on where we are at on the project as a team as well as what there is left to… Continue reading Project Progress

Database Architecting

For this blog post I will describe some of the technologies that I have researched so far regarding different architectures and strategies for creating a relational database for our crowd-sourced shopping app project. I will describe the technologies I’ve used in the past and some of the new technologies I’m considering and why they might… Continue reading Database Architecting

Early Project Impressions

For this post I’m going to discuss my experience so far with the capstone project, technologies I’m looking forward to using, and how it applies to my career path. So far in this course I’ve selected the project I wanted to do and joined with a team and we’ve gotten a couple of the preliminary… Continue reading Early Project Impressions