Learning New Tech

Learning something new is simultaneously exciting and scary. By definition, there’s a lot of unknown. Depending on your personality and the task at hand, you may naturally lean more one way or the other on the exciting vs scary spectrum. I know for myself, the idea of learning is always exciting, and the actual process… Continue reading Learning New Tech

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Like eating healthily, exercising, and practicing financial constraint, setting healthy boundaries is one of those things that isn’t fun, but it sets you up for success. This blog post is going to be a little different in the fact that it doesn’t focus on technical subject matter, however, it does relate to my portfolio project… Continue reading Setting Healthy Boundaries

Code Red

The world is increasingly going digital, with the internet reaching even the most remote places on our planet. While expanded access has helped improve the lives of millions, with the good comes the bad. There are individuals, organizations, and even nations that use the power of the internet with bad intentions, so it should come… Continue reading Code Red