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  • Week 10: Labor Unions option

    I know somebody who is a part of a union and I mainly hear the negatives about it. They talk about how somebody could be unethical in their job or make a decision that could cause them to be fired, but since they are apart of the union that they get away with it. I […]

  • Week 9: Importance of Workplace Health and Safety Issues

    According to my Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory test score, I have a relatively low amount of life changes so I there is a low susceptibility to a stress-induced breakdown. I still have times when I do get stressed about things and the coping and stress management test is a great way to understand how I […]

  • Week 8 Blog Post: Compensation

    I can’t really think of any personal decisions I have made based on compensation that are directly linked, but at my old job as a server at a retirement home the employees were given a holiday bonus based on the hours, we worked so more of a piecework type of incentive. Residents would donate throughout […]

  • Effective and Ineffective trainings

    I played club volleyball from seventh grade until I was a junior in high school. During that time we had yearly online training for our tournaments as we would have to score, line judge and referee. The training was lengthy and boring. We watched long videos where the speed could not be adjusted and the […]

  • Understanding Implicit Bias

    I decided to take the age implicit association test. The test measures what an old or young person measures associations between an old/young person and when evaluating good and bad descriptions. For example, an implicit preference for Young people relative to Old people means that you are faster to sort words when ‘Young people’ and […]

  • Ineffective and Effective Interviews

    I have had three interviews in my life so far. One was for catering at baseball stadium, a dining room server at a retirement home, and a caregiver position. Each was so different in the way the interview was conducted. The catering interview was very informal; it was outside in the stadium next to a […]

  • My Experience Overcoming the Challenges of Changing Job Descriptions

    I have come to realize that I really value when a company has clear expectations for their employees that are communicated in a clear way and also offer guidance and suggestions for improvement along the way. I worked at a retirement home in Hillsboro from January 2018 to August 2021 and I feel I experienced […]

  • 2023 Best Places to Work

    Out of 100 companies, I selected American Express, Delta Airlines and Carmax. They all ranked very high in making their employees feel welcome, they like their contribution to the community, they feel like they are being treated fairly, they can approach their management, and can rely on ethical management management. While each is a different […]

  • Hello world!

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