Capstone: End of the Line

Week 5 of Spring Term. The time where we are wrapping up or Capstone project or adding couple of things that we missed. Regardless of the state of your capstone right now, one thing for sure that we are moving to the phase of make sure the project is actually working.

Currently that my capstone is still doing some of the development of our application. Even for myself, I need to implement my part since it is a bit tricky to implement for me. At this point, I am just hoping that I can finish the implementation of my part. Fortunately enough, some of the group members for me understand what should be happening so I have that option when I am in doubt or if I need some references / help about my implementation.

This capstone has been pretty interesting. At least for myself. All of our group members started with no to little knowledge regarding C# and Unity. While currently, all of us have familiarity with both C# and Unity. This capstone really burn our brain since all of us are on the same boat of learning something that we do not know prior of it. Funny enough that statement stressed out our mentor since the mentor wants specifically an Unity product.

Winter term break was our time to learn a lot about Unity and C#. All of us started playing around with it and at the same time arguing about the requirements of our project. You will find this a lot especially when more than one individual of the team member understands it differently. Followed by winter term of brushing our brain to implement our products. Unfortunately, due to the requirement of our application as well as the time constraint for our project, we could not finish this project during the winter term. As a result, we still need to develop it. This reminds me of we are voluntarily planning to do this project over the spring term but I think you know what happened this time. Looks like none of us did it. Even for myself since I was doing the CEL Alternative Spring Break. And you know spring break is only a week so everyone will squeeze every seconds to not do anything.

Here comes our time of spring 2023 where our group is still working on this project and hoping that this will work within specifications. And our group is actually looking forward to see if this program is running. Lastly, if you are reading, wish the best luck of your capstone and I am sure you can do it! Feeling stuck? ask you peers or even StackOverflow.