Dead Week, Dead Laptop, Dead Inside

Hello reader!

Yep, as the tittle suggests that pretty much explains everything at Oregon State University. Which honestly is expected because currently it is Week 9; Where everyone got burned out of classes but the homework pours hard just like the rain.

Of course as a college student, most of us doing things last minute and ended up stressing out. Unfortunately, this is the case with my teammate for my capstone project. My laptop got busted too, that making the development halted since I have to use another laptop to continue the development and remind myself how to set up everything from scratch. Luckily, I was able to do that so this is not the biggest issues for this development. What was the halt of our development was an individual need to develop their part but was behind and unfortunately that individual part is a crucial part of our application and now most of us are “finished” but waiting for individual for testing the integration.

As expected and still is happening, integration is the part that is hardest. Our state currently is it is working as individual but it is a problem for the group. Unfortunately, our mentor wants to see the application works but we were behind with the integration part.

During the development, we typically have problem with “I pull from GitHub and why my UI is not the same as you” or “Why my implementation gone?”. Sighs. Problem from couple weeks ago until now that we still does not bother to talk about. So what our group did was asking everyone to pull and re test everything. Which was fine expect everyone implementation was broken for some reason when we did that. Luckily, this part is done now and we can work in peace.

Currently, I am just hoping that we are within expectation for our Beta Version of this application. At the bare minimum, we can deliver what the mentor was asking. Even though it is not fully baked yet. But due to time constraint, that what we can deliver in the mean time. I am hoping that over the Spring break, we can finish and polish this application.