Hey Reader!

Writing in as I am on another state. A.K.A. on vacation or out of office state. Writing this as soon as I arrived in my hotel right after enjoying the interestingly chaotic New York City Marathon 2022.

And honestly, this short 4 days of vacation does really help me to be less burned out. This helped with the fact that the week prior, I just studied all weekend trying to prepare for my mid-term exam. And this brings up to the next point that for me when I am burned out, it really depends on what kind of situation. Usually for me, I will switch to another homework that hopefully makes me motivated to do it. If worst case that is the only homework I have, if I am capable to do it again, I will try another places. For me, doing homework at home is a big no no for me. I usually do homework in Library or some weird places like SEC. Or you know, Dutch Bros.

Weird thing is that when travelling from Corvallis to New York, I packed my laptop to hopefully finished my homework and luckily I got some work done. So I guess I am able to do homework in Hotel and Airport as well?

And this brings up to our Capstone project. So far it seems like that we got more idea as to what is really going on since our project manager helped us with the demonstration of the expectation of the application. That being said, we may still have questions unanswered since we have not hands on with the coding part.
However, having bi-weekly group assignment does helps us to wrap up what we know and we need to discuss further.

Hopefully that by Winter break, we can crash course with Unity and C# since in this group, none of us familiar with Unity and C#. But again, we know the basic idea of this application hence we will able to sort out what we need to learn and which one we can put aside.

For my capstone, fortunately; My group has been pretty active and usually we remind each other about the deadline and updates if a schedule becoming out of the ordinary. And our project manager pretty open to questions as well and most of the times, the project manager will bring up the questions during meeting and hopefully that way, all of us have idea what is going on.

And this fairly wraps up my blog for this week. After enjoying my vacation of relaxing in New York City that includes finding cell towers all around here. I need to pack my bags and get ready for reality this week since I need to go to airport the next day and get ready again for my typical college life.