How I got into CS

Hello, I’m Kally

Like many of you, this is not my first degree. I have a previous degree in Psychology.

I grew up with a family who expected me to become a doctor, pharmacist or dentist. I liked helping people and wanted to do a career where I could help others.

After graduating, I still was unsure with what I really wanted to do. I had initially considered computer science but decided not to go with the idea. I doubted myself, and wasn’t sure if I was really something I should pursue. I really wanted to do something where I could help others. So I chose to go into occupational therapy.

I worked as an aide in an OT clinic, volunteered in a hospital, a pediatric clinic, and in a TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury) clinic. But when it finally came to applying to an OT school, I felt really uneasy, and stressed. I thought about all the pros and cons into going to occupational therapy realized it wasn’t right for me. With patients, not all patients would recover or improve which affected me a lot.

While I was taking prerequisites courses at a community college, I attended a speaker session with someone who went to the same University as me, she talked about her journey into tech. She had an art degree and had experience with web development and programming. She ended up working on graphics of various movies like Star wars. It made me think harder about what I really wanted to do.

I thought about the experience I had at the brain injury clinic, I saw that there wasn’t a one handed typing program that was available online. Some patients who suffered with brain injury only could use one hand, and the programs and tools the clinic used to teach patients how to type were for two handed people.

I realized I didn’t have to be patient facing to do something that made a difference. I wanted to go into Occupational therapy so I could help others, but I could still do that in different field.

That led me to applying to Oregon State. Thanks to Oregon State, I got to make great friends and found the right career for me.

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