Blog #3

Welcome to blog #3! In this one, I’ll briefly talk about how our team has progressed so far in our group project, what our initial plans are for our app. Our team has decided to go with using Flutter/Dart to build our mobile app. None of us have ever really used Flutter or Dart before… Continue reading Blog #3

Blog #2

Welcome to my second blog post for the Capstone course at OSU! I got placed on the project that I chose as my first choice, so I’m very happy about that! The project I was put in is for a Pet Adoption Dating App. I’m imagining something very similar to the modern dating apps today… Continue reading Blog #2

Blog #1

Hi there blogging world, my name is Johan Park and this is my very first Blog post for the Capstone course at OSU! This will be my last quarter at OSU and will be graduating after this term, which I am very excited for. Coming into this course, I did not have much prior knowledge… Continue reading Blog #1