Writing Exercise #8

The most interesting thing that I’ve learned about is the influence our gut microbiome has on our overall health and ways that we can manage it for the best of our bodies. I did not know how dangerous antibiotics could be, I learned that taking antibiotics for something for only 7 days can affect the gut microbiome for over two years, and would lower the diversity of the gut microbiome by killing many essential organisms alongside the pathogenic ones. This made me wonder what happened to me after I took antibiotics for strep throat when I was younger, now I realize it might have been more worth it to just deal with the pain for a few weeks and do at home remedies instead of relying on expensive medicine for a quick solution that would also damage my body as well. I’m also curious on whether or not it is possible to do an examination of overall health and the gut microbiome as well as genetic factors to figure out what probiotic prescription would make a permanent lasting beneficial effect to our bodies.

“a permanent lasting beneficial effect to our bodies.” I know that eventually people grow old and complications arise with body functions and stuff but I wonder if having a healthy gut microbiome throughout someone’s life could actually add 10 or so more years to their life. I don’t mean just 10 years of suffering but a good 10 years of healthy living. A lot of diseases would be prevented, especially intestinal and colon diseases associated with pathogens in the gut microbiome. But of course probiotics alone would not be the sole solution, also having a healthy lifestyle and diet and habits to keep clean would also play a huge part but I think that combined with the right probiotics can go a long way.

I think I will write about this topic for my final paper, the role of the gut microbiome on overall human health and I would include a section about antibiotics and also habits that people can have. I am a bit nervous about the 2000 word limit but I think if I just piece it section by section I would be able to write a thorough essay for the proper audience.

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