What Motivated Me At Work

  • When I first had my job at a quality team in a manufacturing company after graduating university, my team leader was good at managing and motivating subordinates. When he asked me to do a task, he told me what the result should look like and a brief explanation about the task. It was a little difficult task but not impossible for me to carry out. In the middle of the work, he asked me how much I have done and if there were any difficulties. If I had some difficulties, he gave me advice to solve the problem. Finally, at the end of the task he assessed my work and told me if it was good or not. If it was not good enough, he gave me feedback on how I should have done to improve in the future. My team leader did not have authority to increase my monetary reward but he knew how to motivate me without it. He constantly gave me detailed feedback and showed his interest in my work. As a result, I tried to do my best most of the time when I was assigned a task from him because I knew he was interested in my work which motivated me.

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