Biggest Takeaway

I have enjoyed this class and have learned so much. One of the biggest takeaways is about diversity in a company. Before this class, I mainly thought that having a diverse company meant that you had a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. I have since learned that there is so much more to it. Having… Continue reading Biggest Takeaway


What am I good at? Over the years I have put a lot of time into becoming a hard working driven individual. I am good at delegating tasks to others and competing tasks efficiently and effectively. I have the ability to put myself in others shoes as well which has helped me in many aspects… Continue reading Self-Reflection

Personality Test

I chose to take the shorter test and found it to be pretty accurate to my personality. There were five personality traits that I was being tested on. Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness. I was very high on extraversion with a score of 95. This makes a lot of sense because I am very… Continue reading Personality Test

You Own Brand

I want my first impression to be very personable. It is important for the employer to see that I am a hard worker with diverse skills. I also want them to know that I am able to adapt to any situation. These things are very important to my values. I want my potential employer to… Continue reading You Own Brand

VooDoo Hiring Methods

It was interesting learning about all the VooDoo methods, there are so many. I have definitely been on the hiring end of it all and gone with my gut feeling as mentioned in The Art Critic approach. My friends who have experienced The Sponge method and said from the applicant side it was very tiring… Continue reading VooDoo Hiring Methods

What are the Most Important Aspect of a Business in Your Opinion

Question 1: A lot of organizations don’t realize the importance of job recruitment and selection. Instead, they put all their time and energy into marketing and product design. All of these things are very important for the success of a business. By investing time and effort into the marketing of your businesses you have the… Continue reading What are the Most Important Aspect of a Business in Your Opinion

Past Job Application Experience

The last position I applied for was a summer internship with Kroger’s general merchandising team. The application process was very smooth and straightforward. I heard about the job posting from looking on Handshake and I met all the requirements. There were very fast follow-ups which kept me interested and excited about the position. The first… Continue reading Past Job Application Experience

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