I’m Jaquelin, and I work full-time as an English professor at a community college in California, and as a Digital Access/Literacy Educator for the International Rescue Committee.

I got started with software because I had always been interested in linguistics, and I thought it would be an interesting challenge. Indeed, these last 3 years have been a huge learning experience for me! I had to learn how to balance working full-time and finding time to study. As you can imagine, I often get complaints from my students about our course workload, and I always remind them that I’m a student too.

This past summer, I was an intern for the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program in San Diego. I wrote code in Python for parsing different databases and processing that data to be easily manipulated and digested for the naval personnel. I also wrote code in C++ to interface with and control a physical radio.

I learned that I enjoy working most with Python, SQL, web applications, and cloud computing. I also enjoyed my programming classes the most when I had creative freedom. I am not sure what I’ll do with my degree next, but I am especially interested in UI/UX design, natural language processing, data science, and mapping.

I live with my husband and our dog in the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy reading, traveling, making rugs, and volunteering to teach writing to incarcerated individuals.

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