James MGMT 453 Blog Week 1: Highly Rated Companies to Work For

  • After reading the article, Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, I have decided to research three companies that cover different fields of work. The three companies I chose to research are Hilton, Cisco, and American Express. All three of these companies have a high percentage of happy employees with Cisco being the largest at 98% and American Express being the smallest at 92%. Many employees from each of these corporations have described how their work environments have always felt safe and inviting to be apart of. If I were to work for any one of these companies in a manager position I would want to be able to discover what is unique about each individual that I would be having the opportunity to be working with and then building off of that to develop trusted relationships to create an overall better working experience for everyone. In order to be a great leader in a management position, one must be able to look past another’s differences of race, sex, age, nationality, and personality in order to create a better future leading the corporation to become even more successful. Being in a management position can become very difficult for many individuals to be successful at mainly because of the fact that one must be able to align others and resources in order to be successful at completing ones goals, giving positive feedback as well as making difficult decisions (Gavin, 2019). You must be able to delegate tasks to team members who would be most likely to succeed in that area of activity, leading employees or team members to complete more tasks keeping their focus on succeeding on what they’re doing. By doing this it actually helps you to not micromanage every small thing by giving others the opportunity to create a sense of trust in you as their manager.

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