CS 467 – Senior Capstone

  • Blog Post #4: Getting Unstuck

    Blog Post #4: Getting Unstuck

    Sometimes when I am stuck with a problem, it takes me hours to find the solution and make progress. I have found that this is because sometimes I develop “tunnel vision”, and I focus on the small part of the problem, instead of stepping back and looking at the big picture. Going back to the […]

  • Blog Post #2: Technologies

    Blog Post #2: Technologies

    Our group decided to chose the technologies that were listed in our project plan due to a combination of project requirements of technologies as well as the convenience of some of the technologies that were chosen. For example, Python was the coding language that the group had to choose since the algorithm provided to us […]

  • Blog Post #1: The Start

    Blog Post #1: The Start

    I was in a MATLAB coding class near the completion of my previous degree, where I was finishing my first ever programming assignment. I had not had any exposure to coding in the past, so I was excited to learn a new skill. The assignment was simple: code a program that calculates the heat loss […]