Hello world!


This is my first ever blog! I am writing it on behalf of my WS 320 class.

My experience setting up this blog was far easier than I initially fathomed it would be. Although I like to think of myself as technologically literate, doing things online that are seemingly simple…can sometimes prove otherwise. It was easy to follow the links provider by the instructor, set up the blog via the Oregon State free word press, and start blogging!

Setting up an e-mail signature was also fairly easy. I have a separate work e-mail that requires an e-mail signature, but I had never thought to have a signature for my personal e-mail. Following the instructions set up by the instructor proved easy to follow and having this signature will save me time in the future.

Listening to web pages with my computer’s text-to-speech function has become more enjoyable over the yeas, as the voices used are less robotic and more humanistic. I personally would rather just read the web pages, as I find I better retain the information. If I am doing something, like the dishes or even trying to take notes, I will sometimes utilize the text-to-speech function.

Thank you!