The Life and Times of a Pessimistic Optimist

My name is Jacob Ramirez, I am from the future. That’s right, the future is SO bad, I decided to come back in time to 2020-2021 for some relaxing time off… can you imagine? Anyway, I am an aspiring animator and character designer. To work in the animation, for either studio or freelance work, is a dream of mine along with being able to work on personal projects. While I would prefer to work specifically animating or designing characters, I am constantly developing my skills to be as marketable as possible to be able to do background design, storyboard work, writing, etc. Truthfully, I have no desire to work as a graphic designer. Along with the fact that Graphic Design as a profession is outlawed in the year 2030 for being too cool, I just find my passion working in the entertainment industry telling great stories. Since most of my school work is not centered around my desired profession, I work tirelessly on those skills in my free time as well as find any way to shoe horn character design or animation practice into any assignment I can. So keep your peepers open, ’cause I’m working really hard to make a living doing what I love.

Have a good day.