IPIP Reaction


The results of the IPIP test I took were generally in line with what I expected, though being able to look at particular traits was rather interesting:


I scored low on extraversion, which makes sense as I consider myself rather introverted and most people I know would agree. That being said I think my score is somewhat too low here, as I don’t think I am quite that introverted as it suggests. My agreeableness was very average, and I think I would have score higher on this had I taken this test when I was younger. The only part of my personality that I believe has changed at all since I was 18 has to do with agreeableness. Over time, I have learned to be more assertive when dealing with people, and this more average score perhaps reflects that.

Conscientiousness and Neuroticism are also pretty typical for me and this is once again not overly surprising. My mood and mood-swings are relatively stable, and my impulse control is decent as well. Though my openness score being as low as it was seems somewhat odd to me. The fact that it is below 50 makes sense as I have never been particularly creative, but being at 14 was surprising. I think the test was overall relatively accurate in so far as it got the general trends right, but the exact score it offers seems potentially exaggerated towards very high, very average or very low.


An employer would likely conclude that I am not a particularly creative person and that I am unlikely to be a social butterfly in that I do not thrive among groups of strangers. A role that required artistry would be out of the question, though my high score in imagination might suggest that while I am not personally creative, creativity in of itself is not foreign to me. Looking at the more detailed breakdown, they would notice that I am generally rather modest and careful about what emotions or feelings I give off to others. As a result, they would probably not need to worry about me doing things that would embarrass them or the business.

My scores also suggest that I am cautious, so rash decision-making is not my strong suit. On the flip side, a position where big decisions have to be made very quickly and very often would not be ideal. While there are better team players out there, an employer could see my results as being generally favorable to such work. Moreover, I have fairly standard to slightly above average scores regarding general dutifulness. This suggests I could generally be relied upon to work diligently on the tasks given to me. Overall, the impression an employer would likely have is that I would be modest, introverted, conventional, reflective, and cautious as an employee.

Got any book recommendations?