Thank you to all of the participants, creative coaches and judges who attended the 2017 Innovate Extension event!

During the event, teams were led through warmup creativity exercises and then worked to develop an innovative idea for Extension.  After the work session each team pitched their idea.  Think Shark Tank but for the work place!

Hard at work on their “Tool from Year 2217”

View more photos and videos from the event on Twitter #InnovateOSE.

Thanks to Michele Wilfred (Creative Coach from Univ. of Delaware) for live streaming the final idea pitches on her Facebook page.  Check out the recording here:

Link to recording:

Event Outcomes 

$5000 award: Teams Turquoise & The A-Team independently developed related ideas and won a combined funding award to build an “Innovation Gym”.  Their idea focuses on developing & sharing innovation skills among Extension colleagues.  (Turquoise: Jeff Choate, Ana Lu Fonseca, Weston Miller, Alice Phillips, Tim Stock, Siew Sun Wong. The A-Team: Alisha Atha, Mike Knutz, Kelli Watcherson)

Best Team effort award: Team Emerald (Jennifer Alexander & Kaci Buhl)

People’s Choice for Best Pitch award: Team Emerald (Jennifer Alexander & Kaci Buhl)

Best Creativity Exercise design & pitch award: Team Notions in Motion with the Nutriscan 5000 (Vince Adams, Shannon Caplan, Emily Henry, Melanie Mitchell, Jennifer Oppenlander) See their pitch here.

Several teams independently developed ideas that could be combined into powerhouses of innovation.  These teams were invited to combine their ideas for greater impact and apply for the newly announced O&E Innovation Awards which can provide a larger level of funding than was available for the Innovate Extension event.

Team Tourism, Team OR Master Naturalist & Team Innovation Bridgers all developed ideas focused on the overall theme of increasing engagement with Oregon’s natural resources and how Extension can provide deep, meaningful education.  (Team Tourism: Jon-Paul Bowles, Frank Burris, Jared Delay, Marcus Hinz, Pami Monnette, Miles Phillips, Mary Stewart. Team OR Master Naturalist: Glenn Ahrens, Jamie Doyle, Ann Harris, Dana Martin, Jason O’Brien, Brandy Saffell, Carole Smith, J Rachel Werling, Brad Withrow-Robinson. Team Innovation Bridgers: Emily Anderson, Daniel Leavell, Maggie Livesay, Jenna Mendenhall, Renee O’Neill, Susan Sahnow,  Patrick Willis.)

 Team Indigo & Emerald both proposed developing a version of a rapid/quick response system for responding to emerging situations.  (Team Indigo: Sam Angima, Lynette Black, Amy Schmid, Gail Wells.  Team Emerald: Jennifer Alexander & Kaci Buhl)


Presenting final pitches at the end of the work session

Thank you again to all who participated in Innovate Extension!

What will we be doing on May 23rd?

Being innovative. Spending an entire day thinking of creative solutions to our often complex challenges in Extension. Perhaps even putting together the most non-traditional funding or idea proposal you have ever created.

Here is an overview of the event timeline:

  1. Team work session  = brainstorm ways to update programs, ways of teaching/working, or just think of creative solutions to Extension challenges. The sky is the limit!
  2. Team “pitch” development. Using what resources are available to you during the event, your team will create a very brief presentation – or “pitch” – of your best idea, solution, or even prototype.
  3. Voting! All teams and others in attendance (including Scott Reed, Lindsey Shirley and other administrators) will vote for the winning team(s) based on the pitch session.
  4. The winning team(s) will go home with awesome prizes – including potential funding to turn their amazing idea into a reality! And all participants will take home some cool swag items.

Ready to register?

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!  Deadline to sign up was 4/10.

Want to know more about Innovate Extension? Check out the FAQ for all the details.

What is Innovate Extension?
Innovate Extension is a one-day event being used across the national Extension system to promote innovation among Extension faculty & staff.  The goals of the event are to:

  • Provide a day-long work session for innovative program planning.
  • Provide a fun environment conducive to creative thinking.
  • Inspire teams and individuals to update programs, change the way they work, or develop solutions to organizational challenges.
  • Provide Extension staff an opportunity to present new ideas and solutions to colleagues and administration.

When & where is the 2017 OSU Innovate Extension event being held?
Tuesday May 23rd
8 am-4:30pm
The LaSells Stewart Center on OSU Campus in Corvallis.

Who is invited to participate?
ALL Extension employees are highly encouraged to participate.  Please check in with your supervisor before signing up to ensure release time and travel expenses.  Registration is limited to 100 participants.

How much does it cost to attend?
This year’s event is free this due to the generosity of our sponsors, OSU Extension and the eXtension Foundation.  Travel expenses to Corvallis are not covered by the sponsors.

What does the agenda look like?
The day starts at 8 am.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided.  Participant teams will form up and meet their Creative Coaches.  Teams will be coached on and practice idea generation, project design, budgeting, and will develop a short pitch for the team’s idea.  Each team will present its idea pitch to a panel of judges & other participants.  Your team’s idea could be selected for funding!

How do I register for the event?
Registration is open through 4/10.  Space is limited to 100 participants so sign up today!

Do I need to sign up with a team to participate?
Nope!  Anyone who is interested in innovation in Extension is encouraged to apply.  TYou may sign up as a team or you will be assigned to a great team.

How do I sign up with a team?
We recommend that teams consist of 5-7 people: no more than 10; no fewer than 5).  Innovation is sparked from new ideas & viewpoints. Strive to make your team as diverse according to program area, work style, geographic area, job duties, and more. Choose a team name and have each team member use the name when signing up, so you can be identified as a team.

Do I or my team need to have a project idea in mind?
No, not at all.  During the Innovate Extension event you and your team will work through all stages of idea generation.  Your team will also be assigned a “Creative Coach” who will provide guidance and support.

I need a hotel room for the night.
We reserved a block of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn.  Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

Who is organizing this event?
This event is brought to you by the OSU Extension iTeam: Linda Brewer, Alan Dennis, Brooke Edmunds, Sandy Reichhuber, Patrick Proden, Victor Villegas, and Siew Sun Wong, along with Jeff Sherman (O&E) and Lindsey Shirley (Extension).  Support for this event is provided by OSU Extension and the eXtension Foundation.

Help, I still have questions!
Contact Brooke Edmunds (Innovate Extension event coordinator)