Using personas in email marketing.

When using emails as a marketing tool for your business there are a few different things that need to be decided on before the process begins to be successful.

Such as chewing if you are going to have opt-in and opt-out emails. Knowing the difference between the two terms is absolutely vital to the success of an email campaign. Opt-in is short and sweet. Typically playing by the rule of less is more. The majority of reputable companies will use opt-in emails.
The other option would be to include the opportunity to opt-out or unsubscribe if you choose to send out one large mass email versus waiting or your clients to sign up for the newsletter themselves.

Perhaps the option would be the have a double opt-in process. This is an extra confirmation that the client is indeed signing up for the emails and has a pretty good idea of what those entail.
When it comes time to develop your mailing lists there are also a few things that need to be considered. Such as the understanding of purchasing mailing lists. It could be tempting to purchase a list of clients that will boost sales. But this is not sustainable when it comes to growing your business. Most businesses are adding email campaigns because they are growing and need extra marketing efforts. Growing companies want to be reputable companies. The majority of reputable email services will not allow you to use purchased lists of email subscribers according to Hubspot.

In addition to most reputable companies that should allow opt-in emails, you are not able to truly purchase a good list. Keep in mind that if those addresses are for sale the likely hood of them being for sale is due to them not being very responsive or worthwhile.

These are just a few different tips to keep in mind when expanding your marketing efforts into email campaigns. Always choose an opt-in email versus opt-out but provide an unsubscribe option if that is the chosen route for you. Also, it is better to take the time and develop a list of clients for emails that will be responsive.

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