Implicit Bias

Your responses suggested no automatic preference between Dark Skinned People and Light Skinned People. I thought this was a very weird form of questionnaire and process the test takes you through. 

Implicit Bias of all types exist and can be the cause for lack of equal evaluations when performing interviews and interactions. The implicit biases can alter the interview process and can discredit applicants before they even begin. Managers may even make a decision as soon as they see the person whether they want to someone or not if the implicit bias is strong enough. If the bias is not too strong the interviewer may complete the interview successfully but some questions may be asked, or not asked, of others which would indicate an unequal interview process. 

To stop implicit bias companies could get rid of the racial identification section of applications which would allow the hiring managers to view applications without knowing the race of the applicant. For in person interviews having someone of the same race as the interviewee would also be a great way to avoid any implicit biases of others or record all interviews and have another person watch and compare who should be hired. Additionally, creating a structured interview with the same questions for each candidate would be beneficia to avoid asking different questions and receiving the same information from each interviewee along with not allowing any bias in questions asked to come through. While a phone interview or other method that hides a person’s race may be used I think it can’t ever be as effective as an in person interview for certain positions because the human factor and ability to communicate in front of people and how they present themselves is key to job success. For jobs that need in person interviews I think bias may never be taken out but I could be minimized.