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So many sites, so little time….

I appreciate the potential advantages of online courses, especially using the power of the internet to make courses more interactive. That said, I also appreciate the potential to just upload text materials and stop there. So how does one harness … Continue reading

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Creativity, Space, and Audience

“Online Course Design Pitfall #4: Expect your students to consume knowledge rather than create it.”  The balance between taking in new information vs. applying that knowledge in creative, constructive ways has been on my mind a lot over the past couple … Continue reading

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Creating Knowledge

Exploring the ways that we construct knowledge about science and gender is a fundamental learning outcome for the class I’m redesigning.  Thinking about how students construct knowledge with me, with each other, and sometimes in spite of all of us … Continue reading

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Find out more about hybrids . . .

Thinking about teaching a hybrid course?  Wondering how to link online and classroom learning to engage students?  Interested in the latest innovations in online and blended learning? Head over to the OSU Center for Teaching and Learning’s Hybrid Course Initiative … Continue reading

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Just in time methods for hybrid learning

I was interested in the Mazur method of having students answer short questions on the reading just before class, and then have the instructor review them just before class as well.  It would motivate students to read (if graded in … Continue reading

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What tools have high potential for a Hybrid course?

There is a veritable plethora of tools “out there” that could be used for either the on-line or the classroom part of a hybrid course.  These tools can be used to create music, videos, blogs, text, simulations, and so on. … Continue reading

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This blog is intended for reflections of faculty in the 2012 OSU Hybrid Course Development Pilot Program, and all  who would like to join in to comment on the topic of blended learning and the particular challenges of design and … Continue reading

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