BEE 468/568: Remediation of contaminated soil and water using microbes, mushrooms, and plants

The hybrid course I am developing is an upper-level undergraduate and graduate course. It covers fundamental and engineering aspects of bioremediation that uses microorganisms, fungi, and plants to remediate contaminated soil, groundwater, and surface water. It also has a lab section that requires students to develop a lab procedure and conduct wet lab experiments. The course is currently offered on Tuesday and Thursday (100 min) as a conventional on-campus course with an enrollment ranging from 25 to 45 students per year.

For the hybrid class, I plan to meet with the class once a week (80 min) for weeks 1-5 and weeks 8-10. The online activities for these weeks include: (1) review lecture slides; (2) read required reading the materials/website, (3) watch videos,  (4) discuss weekly topic, and (5) case study survey. These online activities will be evaluated using online quizzes or discussion board. The in class activities for these weeks include: (1) provide short lectures, (2) summarize the key learning points of the online activities, (3) discuss key questions brought up by students related to discussion board, homework, and online quizzes, (4) explain assignments, and (5) present case studies by students.

For weeks 6-7, I will meet with the class twice a week (100 min per meeting) to conduct  lab experiments.  The online activities for these two weeks include: (1) design a lab procedure; (2) preview videos on lab experiments; (3) review lab reading materials; (4) peer review lab procedure; (5) review and sign the lab safety document. The face to face activities for weeks 6-7 will be conducting experiments in the lab. The activities in these two weeks will be assessed through their lab design report, final lab report, and group lab presentation.

I am thinking to invite a couple of guest speakers to give presentations in class. Both midterm and final exams will be conducted in class.

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3 Responses to BEE 468/568: Remediation of contaminated soil and water using microbes, mushrooms, and plants

  1. volmark says:

    I like structuring the in person/online components differently depending on the learning goals. We also have modules where more in person time would be best and others…Is this problematic for room scheduling? With a larger (100 student) class, rooms are sometimes limited and I am not certain how the hybrid designation impact the scheduling options…

  2. mobleyme says:

    I want to take this class! 🙂

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