Working internationally

When it comes to working internationally, I would definitely have to think about it. Some of my main concerns are family related. At which part in my life would I get presented this opportunity? If I had wife and kids, it would be a very tough task to move them. However, If I didn’t have… Continue reading Working internationally

Executive compensation

Executive compensation is definitely a debatable topic when in comes to pay. As decades have passed, the pay of CEO’s have grown substantially to the point where some make 500 times more than a regular employees. CEO’s do have a crucial role in the companies success and future, however I do not see that amount… Continue reading Executive compensation

Discretionary Benefits

Discretionary benefits are employee benefits given to employees by the employers which are not mandated by law. According to this weeks lecture, there are three main categories of discretionary benefits. These include protection programs, paid time off, and services. For me personally, I think the most important are the protections programs and the others fall… Continue reading Discretionary Benefits

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