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This week was sort of bittersweet, as we had to say goodbye to Reese, although we sent him off with a great BBQ on Thursday. Everyone brought something so it was more of a little potluck, we had steak brought in by Ricky and cooked on the BBQ by everyone? It took a team effort to get the BBQ up and running, we ran into some difficulties with the propane. We also had pico de gallo and chips, made by me, elote made by Alex, salad made by Cody, and blackberry zucchini bread brought in by Joey. Overall it was a great time and a wonderful way to send off a member of the team.

Other than that, the week pretty much went as it normally does. On Monday we went to Grestoni to sample some more vines for PCR. We’ve been berry sampling so much that we need more Red Blotch positive and negatives vines identified so that we know what were sampling. On Tuesday Cody and I performed DNA extractions on the new samples in the morning and then ran the PCR in the afternoon, which pretty much took up the whole day.

On Wednesday we went out to Belle Fiore to take another Berry Sample but we also had a little photoshoot, mostly I just walked around, took some pictures of the landscape, Cody wanted some pictures of Red Blotch incidence so we got some of those, overall it was pretty fun and here are some of my favorites. (I’ll probably make another post of all of my favorites!)

When we got back from Belle Fiore we ran the full juice panel. On Thursday morning we went back out to Grestoni to do the actual berry sampling on the new vines and in the afternoon we ran the full juice panel on those berries. On Friday and sort of throughout the rest of the week I worked on the Belle Fiore nutritional analysis results we received from OSU, specifically on our fertilizer experiment, which is what I am writing my report on and what my poster will be about. Right now we only have the data for our first sampling time point, but when I have the rest of the results I’ll probably post them in another blog. Essentially with the results we receive I’ve been inputting the data into R Studio and then analyzed using two-way analysis of variance or ANOVA, to see if there’s a significant difference between the treatments. 

Along with that I’ve begun to write a short report about the fertilizer experiment at Belle Fiore, when it’s finished I will either link it or put it in another blog. The report writing process is about as much reading as it is writing, probably more actually, but it’s also very insightful because while I’m writing to inform others I’m also learning a lot while doing so.

Well that’s it for this week, until next time!

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