Same Old Same Old

This week sort of followed the usual routine that we’ve gotten into. Monday was spent out at Redlands where we took SWP’s, Paso Panel and Shadeboard measurements as well as Berry Sampling. After this week though we won’t be doing nearly as much out at Redlands. On Tuesday we ran the full juice panel (Weight, subsample for Phenolics, Brix, pH, and TA) for Redlands, we also went out to Grestoni to take some SWP’s for samples that are positive and negative for Red Blotch. 

On Wednesday we went out to Belle Fiore and took some berry samples and SWP’s. We also ran the full juice panel on those berries as well as took a sample of juice to run enzymatics on later.

Grapes at Belle Fiore

On Thursday we went back out to Grestoni to collect some berry and cluster samples for… you guessed it! A juice panel!

Lastly on Friday me and Cody went out and took more leaf samples at the Lombard block to get a veraison time point for the nutritional analysis so that we can compare the results I took earlier in the summer. We sent those off and I should hopefully have the results back in a couple weeks! Overall nothing out of the ordinary happened this week, although I am looking forward to next week because we’re going out to Belle Fiore as usual, but this time we’re going to be having a little photoshoot so that we can have photos to use for whatever. I’ll try to include some that we take, until next time!

Another example of grapes at Belle Fiore
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