Stress Management in the Workplace

Based on the results of my three various assessments, I learned I’m not experiencing overly stressful events in my life. I learned I engage in “problem-focused coping”. This means I attempt to tackle my stress in practical ways to reduce stress. However, this strategy is not particularly effective when dealing with situations that cannot be removed or controlled, but it can be useful when the stressor I am facing is changeable. Furthermore, I learned my interactions with others while generally characterized by warmth and tolerance, are also sometimes paired with impatience and hostility. When I’m stressed or frustrated, I may lash out at others or end up stewing in anger or frustration. 

There are many steps I can take to help manage stress through my professional career; though, I think there are crucial steps I must first focus on first. The main thing I will focus on to manage my stress, is the company I work for. I need to work for a company who understands the importance of mental health among their employees and takes action in providing their employees with needed care. The company must reassess how their jobs are designed, ensure goals are realistic, clearly communicate roles, and provide employees resources like wellness programs. However, on the individual level I must engage in strategies to better address the cause of my stress. I also need to manage my reaction to stress better by making sure I don’t lash out.

After researching what organizations are doing to help their employees manage health and cope with stress, I found similarities in what I wanted from a company to help me manage my health. The article I found spoke on the importance of not setting unrealistic expectations for employees. Furthermore, organizations are motivating their employees to utilize resources, such as wellness programs to manage stress. Organizations are also ensuring they provide employees with regular breaks and are motivating them to engage in physical activity or hobbies of theirs outside of work.

Overall, managing stress takes effort on both the individual level and the organizational level, so remember that when you are deciding what company you want to work for.


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